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New to the group, I have palma planta pustular psoriasis. Any one else have this form of psoriasis?


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Debbie, I have not heard of palma planta pustular psoriasis. I have heard pustular, is it the same thing? If you type it in the search field or look under the themes section for hands and feet you will find helpful posts from others. I hope you are well, Welcome to Flaym!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Debbie! I don't have it myself, but have heard of palmoplantar and pustular separetely. I had some evidence of pustular psoriasis in my scalp a few weeks ago, it was so painful. I really feel for you if this is what you have on the feet and hands. Very sore tiny pimples, is that what your kind of p is like?

Debbie @debbie651980

Hi and thank you. It only affects my palms and soles of the feet. Itchy and painful let alone unsightly! I had light treatment 10+ years ago but in July last year something kicked it all off again. Due to go back to the dermatologist in June, wish I could just make it go away for good 😥

Margaret R
Margaret R @margaret2023

I just developed this type (none if any kind before, .after my thyroid med was switched to a different brand. The Docs have put me on 30 min. vinegar/sea salt/H20 soaks twice a day& [...] cream on my feet & a steroid cream on my hands (thin layer once or twice a day after soaks.

Do any of you have this rouitine???

Ang @ang1957

Steroid cream Doesn’t work for for me, have to try the vinegar sea salt treatment, can u tell me how much of each? What cream u use too? I just been diagnosed with this Palma planta psoriasis, tried a new treatment in a spray bottle, goes on like very cold foam, but made my finger tips crack open. Does this ever go away? Does it spread further? Thx for any answers.

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