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After 2 weeks on immunosuppressive meds my kidney function has deteriorated slightly, but my blood pressure is very high. Seeing my GP tomorrow to discuss my options 😔 I’m absolutely devastated.


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Michelle @mishlyn

Aww Nicky, I am really sorry to hear that. Do you think your kidneys deteriorating is a direct result from the meds? Is high blood pressure new to you as well? I have something going on with my kidneys as well. I read that high blood pressure can be attributed to kidney decline. I hope your drs appointment goes well for you tomorrow! x

Nikki @niksam

They tested my blood pressure and kidney function, the week before I started the meds. My blood pressure was within my normal range 126/72 - it was up last week so they made an appointment with the practice nurse for today. My Bp is now 184/96 and my blood test shows my kidney function has deteriorated. Everything was perfectly in range before. I’ve only been on the meds for 18 days, so it’s not a good sign at all. I’m on a lot of medication for my chronic pain, so the last thing I need is even more chemicals for my body to cope with. If I take Bp medication, I’ll have to go on a diuretic (water tablet), to help my heart and kidneys.
If I needed Bp meds that’s one thing, but needing them because of a side effect just doesn’t feel ok given how hard my liver and kidneys are having to work already.
Maybe I’m being neurotic. But, in my defence, I was a renal nurse before I became ill and I’ve done dialysis on a number of people whose kidneys failed due to immunosuppressants.

Gill @gill4

NiOk I sorry to hear that I've be on them since end of March and so far so good next blood test 17 may

leanne78 @leanne78

Aw Nikki not what you need on top of everything else,BIG hugs xx

Sarah @sarahuk

Ah no Nikki, so devastated to hear this for you. Those side affects are so scary and I really hope it is a blip while you get your levels under control Being a renal nurse you must have so much knowledge of all the things that can happen, and that is scary too. Really hope your GP appointment goes some way to some better options for you! Keep us posted how you get on tomorrow...

john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP @chewbacca

Sorry to hear this Nikki,I hope things will get better for you

Michelle @mishlyn

I hope your appointment went well Nikki and things are looking up. How are you feeling?

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Nikki @niksam
Leicester, UK

Psoriasis since Oct 2017. Learning fast! Also have Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia and severe nerve damage in my leg. Mostly bed bound and only leave the house for hospital appointments. My partner and my Son keep me going.

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