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Can anyone suggest a good cream for psoriasis on the hairline/around the face, I’ve used steroid creams before but as the psoriasis is on the face I don’t want to use it. Any suggestion?


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Sandra @sandra2828

I use Epaderm on my sons face and hair seem to eork for his pustular psoriasis

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Jenny, Welcome to Flaym! I like to use coconut oil when needed for those areas. I also us a lotion made with plant oils of coconut and lemon which is very nice.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Jenni! I use the Aveeno range of colloidal oatmeal moisturisers, and they are great for me. Best I've used in 21 years of psoriasis! Very soothing. I use a few different products of theirs. The Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is what I use on my face as it is light and seeps in very easily, leaving my skin non-greasy (I hate greasy creams on my face).

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