...feeling insecure Keith @dysentery4you


Weekend is almost here...and the dread of short sleeves. I get to wear long sleeves at work so nobody at my job knows my "skin secret"...but can't do long sleeves all weekend...


Theme Confidence and Psoriasis

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Ruben @ruben

Hey Keith, I know what you mean. Mine is on my legs, easier to wear only pants than longsleeves. Thing is we shouldn't be ashamed. Not contagious, only looks gnarly... Check the posts here, a lot of shared knowledge that helps P patients, myself included! I added turmeric and vitamine D almost immediately after joining Flaym (thanks to Steve for pointing out the turmeric) and since short Lemons (thanks to Clint).
You'll have to find what works best for you as we all react different to treatments.
Don't hesitate to ask questions or just vent.

Sarah @sarahuk

A very honest feeling Keith, welcome to Flaym! It's amazing how many people either don't see or don't notice our psoriasis. I have recently been mentioning my psoriasis to friends (which I have had 21 years) and they say "I didn't know you had psoriasis!" Some of this will be well-intended polite denial, and some will be genuine I-didn't-realise. Secrets of any kind can be exhausting to keep... let it all hang out when you feel ready! 👊👊👊

Paul @paul116

You have nothing to hide, You are not your condition, if anyone has a problem with your skin it means they are probably more bothered by it than you are .I understand that it is embarrassing but I am fortunately gone beyond caring what others think now,secrets only help to feed the condition difficult I know but so liberating to get it out there

Susan @godcares

Keith the longer you are on Flaym the more confidence you will gain about baring it all! We've all been there.

Keith @dysentery4you

When neighborhood kids ask why my elbows look like this, I tell them that I fell off a skateboard and it tore all my skin off there. They're pretty impressed.

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