...feeling frustrated Chris @Chris70

Looks, treatment

One of those weeks when over under and around your mouth have a P party , not down but cheesed off 😐


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Cherryl @cherryl

So frustrating for you chris. Keep smiling though 😁 rub some πŸ‹ on it. I’ve had p for over 20 years sometimes covered everywhere, but never on my face..... until recently 😫 got a spot on my nose and under my eye. I’ve been putting lemon πŸ‹ on it and it seems to be clearing πŸ˜€

Bev @bev43

Oh no Chris I do hope it heals quickly for you πŸ€—

Jade @jadeeuphemia

Lemons are top of my shopping list!!! Have to try this!

Madmum007 @madmum007

coconut oil it, keep smiling

Michelle @mishlyn

I hope it can leave you quickly Chris! Ive been struggling to get my recent flare under control. The lemon is helping me too. Have you tried it yet?

Chris @Chris70

Tried lemon juice but not Lemon itself , on a positive note Avengers with my boys today we are all rather excited πŸ˜‚

Bev @bev43

Enjoy the Avengers with your boys Chris

Sarah @sarahuk

Oo enjoy the film Chris! Ouch, around the mouth! Poor thing. Aveeno on the face is very good for me! The Daily Moisturising Lotion. Or if it is lips, Vaseline... that's what I do.

Chris @Chris70

Thanks Sarah yes Vaseline and creme x

Chris @Chris70

I know now what caused it so looking at elimination again,always try to be positive when I can

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Chris @Chris70
Carlisle, United Kingdom

Cope as well as possible with psoriasis, like reading,cinema,walks,food,football,humorous and all animals even spiders ! Don't like crabs mind the creatures.

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