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Psoriasis patient here. It has been pretty severe in members of my family, but I am very lucky to have it mild. Are there apps that you've found that are good to track it over time?


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Lynn @lynnb366

Welcome! Not sure about apps but I have been 3 years clear of my Psoriasis plaques since switching products to non toxic everything. It’s been wonderful to live Psoriasis ugly skin free after 20 years of fighting the damn disease.

Paul @Kiwi

Not really...just my own eyes...or the Doctor sometimes comments, but that's about it...

Dan @danwebster

Thanks Lynn and Paul! Lynn, so glad you were able to do a subtractive cure; that is awesome. And thanks Paul, but a bummer! Granted that I am a tech-centric person, but I was hoping there would be a good solution for measuring and tracking so I can see what happens when I try things like changing my diet or for when I switch out toxic products (Lynn!) Really appreciate the input.

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Dan, Welcome to Flaym! I think a tracker app is a brilliant idea. I have never tried them, but I have heard of them being out there. What I have used is pictures and a journal to help me. Happy to hear you have been lucky to have a mild form of psoriasis :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Dan, from me, fellow psoriasis patient, there are lots of us here flaking all over the world 😊 I'm sure there must be apps! I tried one out once or twice. The functionality wasn't what I had hoped. Really hoping you can maintain the mildness of your psoriasis or improve it! Part of my aim is to avoid onset of more severe symptoms, and improvement of existing ones...Welcome to Flaym!

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

I would just take pictures and see how things progress if you are making changes in some way , i did this for a quite a lot of months here and posted my skin photo updates,i know i dont need and app , i wish you well Dan :)

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Dan @danwebster
Seattle, WA, USA

Biomedical researcher at non-profit org and app developer on the side. Made the Mole Mapper research app for tracking moles on the skin for melanoma research.

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