...feeling angry natalie @nataliemc


no improvement at all on my scalp psorisas its really bothering me..


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Clint @NJClint

I don't know if lemon 🍋 would bleach your hair so dab it with witch hazel

Clint @NJClint

Sorry Nat hope you feel better🎈

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Sorry to hear that Natalie. It can get so frustrating everywhere, but especially the scalp. Have you ever tried tgel extra strength? It works really well for me.

Jade @jadeeuphemia

I feel your pain, I also have p on my scalp, I’m always self conscious that if I touch my hair or head it will go flaky and start showing, and that people will notice it 😫 xx

Keith @dysentery4you

Shampoo with salicylic acid, 3%? Might help a little

Helen @helen191993

Same here. The only thing that I have found helps is a prescription coal tar treatment from the GP. It's leave on for an hour/wash off stuff and it stinks. Do you find yours is worse with alcohol? I gave up drinking this year and that has helped a bit too

Shaun @shaun71

Strangely, head and shoulders works for me.

Sarah @sarahuk

What did you try already natalie?

Shauna @Shaunaob

I tried a prescription lotion for my scalp that seemed to work quiet fast, it doesn't need to be washed out and doesn't make your hair look greasy. I think its called [...]. I hope this helps x

Trackio @trackio

Try coconut oil...I leave it on overnight. It seems to be good for my hair as well. I have just started using Childs Farm shampoo - very gentle with no stinging, smells okay too!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sorry to hear this natalie, i cleared my scalp over 6 months now and thats through the winter, not usual , i did pick them out last summer ,carried on with diet changes as usual,. havnt come back

roslyn @roslyn

im not sure what i have , my scalp is very itchy , it is driving me nuts , i feel bits , like pin bites but there is nothing there except some red patches ,

Betty @betty9

Shaun.. head and shoulder for control of dandruff ... shampoo and condition both ?

Rose @rose7858

Roslyn I have some plaques on my scalp. Seems to clear up then feels like blind pimples and hurts like hell and I use a prescription in liquid form & put it on of a night.
Hope you get some relief soon

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natalie @nataliemc
Limerick, Ireland

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