...feeling angry Debbie @debbie651980


Driving me crackers tonight, ssssoooooo itchy! 😡


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hey Debbie, Apple cider vinegar works great for me taking the itch away. I dab it on with a cotton pad when needed. Lately I have been using fresh lemon and its been working really well too! Have you ever tried them?

Sarah @sarahuk

Argh yes so distracting! I have to busy myself with doing loads of other things and then I don't notice the itch so much.... until I stop of course.

Debbie @debbie651980

Thanks ladies, hearing skit about lemon juice but reluctant to try it, sounds like it could be painful stinging to me 🤔

Angie @angie191

ACV and lemons are painful to rub on your skin if you have cracked fissures. I do not recommend it!

Jen @jen1984

Yes it can be painful but if you persevere it will really help clear your skin.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

when I first heard of acv directly on the skin, I honestly thought it was a bizarre idea and didn't put a second thought to trying it. Out of desperation I gave it a go and was so pleased that I did. It stopped the intense itch quickly. Does give a slight burn, but it goes quickly. I wouldnt put itin cracked broken skin, that would likely be a way more intense burn.

Naima @Naima

Hi Debbie, I now exactly how you feel! Sometimes my feet are so itchy that it wakes me up and can't sleep... Deep in the night I take a cold foot bath with Dead Sea salt or I use a ice pack on the patches... it really nombs and no need to scratch anymore! Moisterize after! Then i think to myself " i chould have get out of bed earlier😄😴😴

Stephanie @stephanie1075

The itching is my warning that I’m about to have a flare.
And standing or walking in the heat will trigger the itching. It’s maddening!

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Debbie @debbie651980
Feltham, UK

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