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New plaque on my left eyelid!? Come on, man... not any easy place to put cream. And no lemons!


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Stacy @S

Ouch that’s a rough one to combat 😬

Cindy @kringlecat

Have it on both eyelids almost non-stop. Truly irritating to say the least. I use prescription ointments at night as they work better than the creams.

Keith @dysentery4you

Ahh, psoriasis...isn't it lovely. I've got a patch on my torso that's getting worse, and painful for me to twist. So I'm walking around all stiff like a yeti

Sarah @sarahuk

At times in the past I have put some Vaseline on my eyelid and it has helped grease it up so it doesn't chafe when you blink... it is a really awkward place. Psoriasis has no respect!

Charlotte Bailey17
Charlotte Bailey17 @charlottebailey17

I dif the same thing and it hrlped a bit.

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Dan @danwebster
Seattle, WA, USA

Biomedical researcher at non-profit org and app developer on the side. Made the Mole Mapper research app for tracking moles on the skin for melanoma research.

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