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Thumb nail has split! Yaaaargh! Nail psoriasis you are not my friend! What do you do when yours split or pit? I've clipped it as short as it will go... šŸ˜§šŸ˜§šŸ˜§


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Diana @diana6

I have super glued mine.

Meryl @meryl1

Massaging oil into your nailbed and cuticles at least twice a day will help . :)


Dianna @diannad

I use nail glue. You can put it under the nail or even on top of the split and polish over it. You can't tell it, I got mine grown completely out that way. I used to cut it back as far as I could and I hate to see that, so I started doing the glue.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Whenever I split or crack a nail I always reach for a tea bag (black tea) soak it and then let it rest on my nail for a while. It has helped me fuse it back together. I learned this trick many years ago, not for p specifically but broken nails. For pitting, I have only ever had small ones but file them softly to help smooth them out :) Hope it heals fast for you Sarah!

Bev @bev43

Shame Sarah I hope these tips work for you

Sarah @sarahuk

Thanks everyone! Tea Michelle! What a great hack. Diana I'd never thought of glue, and didn't know nail glue existed Dianna! Awesome, thanks so much. Now just to find where to buy nail glue...

Ruben @ruben

Wouldn't a regular kind of superglue work? I know that in some ambulances they carry superglue to glue certain cuts...

Meryl @meryl1

Always use nail glue if you are using glue as it is formulated to break down unlike superglue :) Iā€™m a nail tech /Educator . We actually , with success, use thin coatings of gel over psoriasis affected nails but it must be done by an educated nail technician that knows about Nail conditions and contraindications . I always wear acrylic on mine otherwise they thicken , lift and separate . Another trick is 5% salacylic acid in emulsifying ointment for those that get the thick scaly build up under the Nail . Apply for 5mins and then wipe off and gently abride the scaly skin from under the Nail . This is brilliant for tonails as well . Like everything what works fo one may well be the others nemesis .Good luck .

Sarah @sarahuk

That is such awesome information Meryl, thank you very much! So helpful from someone who knows so much about it.

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