...feeling happy Ats @atul


Early morning have l glutamine,muscle building powder empty stomach & comment how it effects you ,my comments means giving fight to so called p


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

3 responses

Md @md

I tried glutamine 3 days, it triggered my P, then stopped. But some people got good result, healed by eating glutamine and slippery Elm together. Did not work for me.

Sarah @sarahuk

Is glutamine the same as L-glutamine? I heard this is good for psoriasis for some people. I also heard here on Flaym a long time ago that taking glutathione was helping someone with very similar symptoms to me, but I never tried it and wouldn't know where to get it or what the facts are around it.

Md @md

I tried L Glutamine, did not help. I bought from Amazon may be.

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