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My 2 year old son melted my heart today when he came to my knees (my oldest, most gnarly psoriasis patches) and gave them the most beautiful little kiss. He said "go away, poorly. I take it away". If only we could love our own skin like this ๐Ÿ’™


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Chris @Chris70

I'm not welling up at all ๐Ÿ˜˜

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Oooohh Sweetness! My youngest son did the same with my skin when he was younger..just melts your heart :) Your right..if only we could love our own skin like this, so pure and true, x

Marcy @marcy2

That happened to my son and I as well. All I could say was it was poison ivy?

Michelle @michelle1021

awwwww Sarah. That is so sweet. I will eat him up with love. One day I shaved my legs and the razor cut into my P (on my ankles). My grandson saw my leg and came up to me when saw the blood (was still bleeding after I had a bath and I had a tissue on the open wound), touched and said "owie ouma" (ouma means grandma in the Afrikaans language) and he wanted to kiss it but I did not let him. Told him the wound must stop bleeding first. He then rubbed my leg for about 5 minutes. I don't use band aid on my skin so he wanted to replace the tissue for band aid. Children are so innocent and precious and they always see the beauty in another person.

Ellen @ellen4

AVEENO IS FINALLY AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA..... yay...CLICKS has it for all the people in SA .. I also heard Dischem advertising the Aveeno natural supplements .... cant wait to get my moisturiser ... only heard good things about this product on this site ...thanx Flaymers & Susan who swears by her Aveeno cream..

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Ellen. Dischem in Alberton has been stocking Aveeno for quite some time now but I'm glad to hear about the cream. Thank you for sharing!

Sarah @sarahuk

I think it is me who swears by Aveeno Ellen! I know a lot of people use it though... Yes everyone wasn't that so sweet of my son! And love to hear your similar stories like that too. Those children. It's a good job they're cute! ๐Ÿ’œ

natalie @nataliemc

That's lovely Sarah..

Mavis @mavis

Children say the perfect things

Michelle @michelle1021

What I love about children, is that they have no hidden agendas. They are so full of love and actually very wise for their age. Too wise sometimes. lol.

Ellen @ellen4

Sorry Sarah ... you are indeed the Aveeno lady . I am so excited to try it out . will keep you posted.

Sarah @sarahuk

Ellen I am excited for you! I know some things suit some people better than others, but I hope Aveeno suits you like it does with me!

SiennaD @siennad

When home from school all i get is weird looks from little kids and stuff lol

Daniel @daniel6

my girl calls them my einas

Bev @bev43

Ha ha Daniel I don't think the Non South Africans know the word Eina it means his sores n Afrikaans

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