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Definitely seeing that my flares go like this. First: skin sensation (itch, feeling "grazed", burning). Then skin redness (angry). Then skin bumpiness (plaques bubble up, become raised). Then flaking and shredding. Then colour calms. What about you?


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Michelle @michelle1021

Mine is the same Sarah but I haven't been flaking for a long time. Yesterday morning my skin was burning because of the cold wind and obviously it dried out my skin, so last night I rub some lemon on and oh my goodness, it burned so much and I knew that my skin was inflamed as well as my skin never burn like this. Now understand that this is only because of the cold weather. No wrong food/liquid. Niks. So I slapped a thick layer of moisturizer & tar on, wore my thick winter socks which comes up to my knees and et voila! This morning my skin is okay again. I actually got a fright when my skin was burning as I was afraid my P will spread. My P get so much worst in winter.

Fran @narf

Intense itching, scratch like crazy, bumps appear, still scratching, break open, bleed, little mounds of angry red bumps for the next two to three months, still itchy! Lovely hard plaques of deranged skin form and take about 4 months to disappear.

Linda @justicejones

I am especially noticing the burning sensation. This is all new to me so I am feeling better seeing som strategies to deal with it.

Karin @karinm

I note a vague itch and when I touch it, it is like a pimple. When I scratch the top comes off and then there is a flat lesion. Sometimes it weeps, sometimes it dries and goes. I’m not sure, but I feel like it doesn’t come back to a spot where it has been and healed. Recently I have felt spaced out for a day or two before a flare of my inverse p.

Mavis @mavis

Pretty much the same Sarah it's not too bad at the moment it's red but not bumpy saying that it probably will be now lol

Dan @danwebster

For me it is itchiness -> red -> flakes, and that usually takes place over about 2 days. Is that the same timeline for you?

Fran @narf

Intense itching for about 3 days, bumps come up and the itching shreds the skin and everything is bloody, while healing the flakes form little hills and stay for about a month or two, still somewhat itchy.

Sarah @sarahuk

Argh yes so this cycle is familiar to us all! Dan, yes that is the same timeline for me although sometimes the itch hangs around a little beforehand, but from redness to flaking yep around 2 days.

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