...feeling happy Ats @atul


My dr stopped me using soaps or shower gels,advised cream for showers ,much better now


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Glad you are much better Atul! Is it a soap type cream that your dr recommends?

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Atul. I'm glad your P is better now. Shower gel is bad for our skin and I'm glad you're using cream for showers. Please share with us which cream you are using now?

James @ferns

I did the same swapping my hand soap, shower gel and shampoo for non soap varieties, mine contain coal tar among other ingredients. I've noticed a big reduction in night time itching. I also started using the Aveeno spray moisturiser after my shower so add that to the mix.

Michelle @michelle1021

I don't think South Africa sell coar tar soap because I will be the first one to buy it.

James @ferns

For the record, I just searched YouTube for coal tar soap. Plenty review videos but no how to make videos. However, never heard of it myself, but was a couple of videos on making pine tar soap. Maybe worth investigating.

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