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Optimistic mood - just ordered myself a summer playsuit, in BLACK! 😮 Hopeful for a summer of no flakes. Might chicken out when it arrives and send it back! Does your psoriasis affect your clothes choices? And, do you wear black?


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Chris @Chris70

Used to but not now,shorts n tee when possible that couple of days of sun helped no end as well as lemon lol. Yeah where black tee shirts quite a lot 😀

Clint @NJClint

Back in black go for it..

Rita @rita

I wear whatever I want!

lisa @misslisalou

yes, summer months are hard, finding long sleeved tops is a nightmare..I'm hoping i will clear enough to show my legs in public for the first time ever!

Madmum007 @madmum007

I'm with Rita, wear whatever you want, don't worry, be happy.

Dakeyras @dakeyras

Good for you lass! :)

Try to steer clear from anything black clothing wise actually, not for the reason worried about the odd flake; but merely my usual pallor without a wee bit of sun...If I hung a fake medal around my neck I could pass for Count Dracula with freckle's...Plus more amusing since I am Irish and the author of the aforementioned was also....amuses me anyway: :P

Linda @justicejones

Good for you! May you have a wonderful summer!

Connie @connie2097

It 'absolutely' affects my clothes choices! Depending on 'how my P is doing at the time....depends on whether or not I will wear black or any dark, solid clothing. Very difficult sometimes.

Susan @godcares

Sarah wear it, is my suggestion. Walk tall and happy! Color never affected my choice of clothing even when my scalp was bad. Just had to keep brushing off my shoulders. I guess I never cared much what other's thought. Now I'm even worse! I'm a super goofy girl and could care less what anyone thinks. LOL.

Michelle @mishlyn

Good for you Sarah & Enjoy! I do wear black as well. When my skin is flaring I do cover up in public. I have been able to enjoy the past 2 summers not covering up and I am hoping the same can be for this summer once I get this current flare under control. It can be hard at times.

Nozipho @nozipho76

Good for you Sarah. I have not worn shorts in almost 20 years and summer is the worst season for me. Finding clothing for summer that covers is difficult and stockings aren’t that easy to wear daily

Bev @bev43

Oh definitely wear it Sarah

Sarah @sarahuk

OK! When it arrives as long as it fits I will wear it! I really hope more of us can get our psoriatic bits out haha! 👊

Diane @froghop26

Every day. My flakes are on the inside of my pants and socks, so I wash them inside out.

El @el1

Yes it does , I never wear shorts or T shirts out of the house no matter how hot it gets ( which is'nt very often in England )

I have in the passed but dont like the stare's I get ! I do wear in and around my own garden .

Ellen @ellen4

I wear lots of dark colours for work. At first was worried about the flakes but now I just brush them off continually .. so do my collegues... they just say you snowing again !!!

Sarah @sarahuk

The playsuit arrived and it fits! So it is on for the weekend at a large family event! I am mid flare. But I will wear it anyway. I have to now I bought it! 😅

Jen @jen1984

Happy 'playing' Sarah. Let it all hang out and show them all.
Enjoy! You deserve it.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hehe thank Jen, I've put it on, I'm travelling to my family event right now, all hanging out as you describe!

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