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Travelling to London for a friend's wedding. I'm on public transport with my best summer dress on, all remaining plaques out, flying the flag for keeping psoriasis visible in society! "Stare, all who dare" πŸ˜œπŸ‘Š


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stacey @stacey4922

hope you have a great day :) xx

Paul @paul116

Good for you you've nothing to hide you are not your condition

Bev @bev43

Proud of you Sarah. Have a ball at the wedding πŸ₯‚

Diane @froghop26

I am sure you look gorgeous. Enjoy the day xx

Fran @narf

Brave! I have a difficult time looking at my psoriasis myself so I can’t imagine the reaction of strangers. Enjoy the wedding!

eva @ev1

Safe travels

Clint @NJClint

Have an amazing trip enjoy yourself

Linda @justicejones

Wow, hope I can be that brave!
Have a wonderful time, I am sure your friend will appreciate your showing up!

Michelle @mishlyn

Beautiful Sarah!! Good for you!! I hope you have a wonderful time!

Sarah @sarahuk

Yessss! Whole day! No cover ups. Only a tad of self consciousness. But I soldiered on through. Only one friend told me, "wow your elbows look sore!" but no one else. Result! 😎😎😎

Fran @narf

Proof positive that a winning smile and friendly attitude will distract most people from your psoriasis. Good on you!

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