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Psoriasis diet experiment #3257: Had a gold tequila cocktail with Tabasco sauce last night. Nice kick, spicy, lots of ice. Apparently psoriasis thought otherwise judging by how red the patches were today. Note: Try less Tabasco next time.


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Ragazza @ragazza

Ok... now we know that also.... be careful on the Tabasco sauce... thank you very much for the hint hahahaha

Gerard @gerard

I know how u feel bro had a few beers sat night im redder than a baboons bum today woe is me😡

Tracy @teeguu

Hi Jack, I've read your blog before and appreciate the resource! What sort of diet regimen do you stick to when you experience a flare up?

Jack @psoriasisblob

Haha, know how you feel mate. Beer sets me off bad!

Thanks Tracy, glad to hear you like it! When I flare up I go gluten free and cut out all dairy and sugars. I essentially live on salads and green smoothies for a week or two. Take for example today, I'm eating greek salad for lunch and dinner. Not fun but flare-ups are worse.

Jack @psoriasisblob
London, UK

It was when a homeopathist told me to drink snake venom, because I shed skin "like a snake", that I knew I had to look at other options. Just a normal 28-year-old flaker sharing his journey on www.psoriasisblob.com

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