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Can someone tell me what elbow plaques look like when they first start? I have a few guttate spots on my arms and a few of them have decided to congregate on my elbows or is it the beginning of plaques?


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Clint @NJClint

Stop them in their tracks rub lemon 🍋 slice on them and they will change for the better and you will not get plaques you will heal up...

James @ferns

I have plaque in both elbows and guttae on the rest of my arms but the guttae is recent, the plaques I've had for ages. They started small, coin sized red areas which whitened as the actual plaque formed. They're bigger now but kept in check, most recently with a combo of lemon and moisturiser. Left unchecked, they grow very thick. All the guttae I have look more like midge bites.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Mine start the same as James. I recommend trying lemon too Diane, if you haven't already. I put lemon on a cracked knuckle. It had been bad for over a week and wasn't getting better. 2 days ago I started putting lemon on it. Now its closing up and healing! I thought it would sting more than on plaques, but it did not.. it actually stung less.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Diane, I actually can't remember what my elbow plaques looked like when they started to arrive...I have had them 21 years, my oldest area, and no idea how they formed. Right now they look pretty much like discoloured patches of thicker skin, but not too inflamed or flakey like in the past. They do flake after I do swimming. I had a while there where the skin thinned out and redness was right down to almost nothing, but after a flare the last 2 weeks, they are now looking more just orangey.

Ava @ava1

Clint, you're a one-note man. Seems like every post was "lemons work." Period. BUT, because of your insistence, I FINALLY got the message and tried lemon on my worst spots half an hour ago. Itching stopped immediately and taking it on faith that further applications will keep these patches in check. And dare I hope, to heal??? Thanks for drumming down on your message! This old dog just learned a new trick!

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