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Today I was wondering something about attraction... if someone is attracted to you, but they haven't noticed your psoriasis, do they become less attracted to you when they do later notice it? Or do they remain as attracted to you? Thoughts Flaymers?


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 John,Toxin portal patch
John,Toxin portal patch @chewbacca

No, it hasnt made a difference with me Sarah, maybe i am lucky i dont know? One girl i know i can ask on a date if i want to as we do like each other and she knows i have psoriasis,only issue shes married with children but ,she is seperated. her husband is very controlling to her, he does what he wants but she is his slave when he turns up as they dont live together. he sees her as property of his,so i am not interested in getting involved with that,its a mess so good luck to her really as sad as it is

Madmum007 @madmum007

I don't think it makes any difference, love is love no matter what. Having said that my ps started during marriage & hasn't changed anything, hubby still can't keep his hands of me, not moaning, love it, like I said love will always find you as does ps!!!!

Ken @kennyo

my psoriasis only shows as a bit of dandruff if I don't use treatment, but with a few ex wives and a younger partner don't think it's ever bothered any of them

Nozipho @nozipho76

In my community psoriasis is not common or at least not known. I’ve experienced it a lot where I meet someone with interest but once they notice my scaring they start asking me questions about the condition which they obviously know very little about. At that point attraction is on the decline...I don’t blame them though, people here don’t know much about P. Very few people take interest in being schooled about it. If a platform is offered to explain, I do justice.

Michelle @mishlyn

Fo me, through out the years, I had expected that to be true.. but I would be proven otherwise with the relationships I have had. My husband is my biggest supporter. When We first met 16yrs ago, I told him about my skin and he started kissing it ❤ He was the one who first taught me I need to Love my skin and get rid of the hate towards it.

Lou @lou60

I've never had anybody leave just because I have P. I explained it to my husband of 26 yrs never even asked what it was. Mine actually looks better tdy than it has in a long time.

natalie @nataliemc

Depends on the type of attraction I tink

Michelle @michelle1021

My P has never been a problem to the men I've dated. I hid it from them for a week or so but once I've told/showed them, it never changed their attraction towards me. Depends on the type of person one is I guess.

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

My one True North hasn't ever stopped loving me..I must comfess he pursued me..not the other way around..we never looked across any room and locked eyes as I could barely hold my head up somedays in public I was always too busy to be bothered by niceties as well...I buried myself in work to avoid all things relationship so he had to chase me..and he shook me..and made me Look at the Person below the skin...and then I stood the Gap so he could see below mine...I smile at that statement..he caught up and I shut up and we began this dance that has lasted since 1985 my Husband is tall,dark and green eyed...both naturally and also emotionally..a War Hero,Silver Star,Bronze Star,Two Purple Hearts...I have never been alone again in any struggle Let them notice what they will P is not a Barrier to finding your Own True North my precious friend or friendships either

Peter @peter5300

My beautiful supportive gf says no matter how much P i have im still the person she fell in love with, my guess is we all have something that we dont like abojt our bodies no mater how big or small, just dont let it rule who you are and hide your sole from the world

Sarah @sarahuk

Love to hear these experiences... I was wondering from the point of view if you meet someone and you sense that they are attracted to you, but then you begin to worry that they might not have noticed your p and that things might change when they do... which eventually of course they will. Love the support that people are feeling from partners, and am really happy to hear that most have not had problems with this!

natalie @nataliemc

It is so refreshing to hear all of these beautiful responses.I'd say having a suppotive partner is a great help. I would just love to no where my mr right is hiding coz i can't find him any where🙈

 John,Toxin portal patch
John,Toxin portal patch @chewbacca

Dont look natalie, best things come that wait, when you dont look its there before you know it , :)


Michelle @michelle1021

@ Natalie. They always arrive when least expected, but that "least expected" never arrives when we are ready.

natalie @nataliemc

So true Michelle.

Susan @godcares

Ahhh Sarah... You have opened up a can of worms with deep thinking. LOL

My thoughts. There is attraction and then there is love. Different in my opinion.

Attraction is that first thing you see. Maybe someone's hair or lack of it. Maybe their eyes or their six pack. Maybe their sense of confidence. Maybe it's their laugh. Maybe it's even the fact that they have scars that they wear with a tall stance. Maybe it's their gentle presence...

Love is different. Young love starts as the physical attraction, or it did for me. Mature love (not age either) is more that love that comes from the inside and has really nothing to do with attraction of the physical side. You could care less about a persons outer appearance. It's the depth of character, the heart, the soul, what they exude in their energy. I only know this for myself. If someone is affected by a skin condition, burn scars, maybe the fact that someone has a limb missing, then that is NOT the person for you. Psoriasis never was an issue when I had it bad on my skin, but I never let it stop me so then I guess there was an attraction other than skin that boyfriends and eventually my ex of almost 35 years that was there.

I suggest we walk tall in life and embrace it. One life to live. Treat ourselves with love and other's will treat us the same.

See Sarah... You got this momma thinking deeply. LOL.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hehe love that response Susan. Very true indeed. I do think attraction and love are very different, and when I posted this I was just thinking about attraction in itself. The fleeting kind that involves no love at all. I agree with what you say about both!


sandy @prathi

my problem too. I'm just scared to reveal or open up myself, just scared that they will run away seeing my P

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