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Flaymers, what can I use on my nail that is throbbing and swollen. Half the nail has moved off the nail bed and the pain is unbearable. Please help


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Oohh Thay sounds so painful Nozipho šŸ˜” My nails use to get like that. Everything hurt it just by tapping. I had to keep it wrapped in a bandage for a while. 7 months ago I started taking an Omega 3 with high epa. My nails hair and skin have become stronger and healthier. Even tho I am in the process of taking contol of a recent flare up, my skin still feels stronger and less thin. Coconut oil has also been really soothing for my nails. Hope you can find something helpful! Have you had the chance to browse the themes section for nails? That may be helpful too šŸ˜Š

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

I have had my hands and feet so bad,oh by the way I no longerhave toe nails I get this but I wrap my feet nightly in Saran wrap and wear Nypril gloves on my hands each night...I also add hard as nails to my nails each day to hold them in place and rub with Vit E...I can feel that pain right now as I write to you wish I could reach through this screen and hug you..a simple lidocaine like numzit may help its for local pain

Sarah @sarahuk

Yaaaargh yes nails so painful when they are psoriatic. Mine was only helped by professional podiatrist pedicures to keep them as well managed as possible, and then by a short course of antifungals after my dermo told me it was being triggered by a tiny trace of fungus. Hope this helps! Check out the themes section for posts on nail psoriasis...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Nazipho, i cleared my nails up with diet /lifestyle changes , few months after i changed diet,they were great on my fingers,i wish you well

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A roller coaster 15 year journey with psoriasis

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