...feeling hopeful Gill @gill4


Well just had 12 times of uvb and from left side stump UP to my head is looking great except for my back still alot of dry flaky bits and only leg is a mess but must have kick my wheelchair in my sleep last night as alot of blood through my dressing


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Gill, its so great to hear of your improvement! Sorry to hear about your leg, I hope it can heal for you soon, x .

Sarah @sarahuk

It's weird how the healing process goes... for me my torso was the last to heal with a guttate outbreak too. Yeowwwch that blood in your dressing sounds sore, hope that has cleared up a bit now. Fantastic to hear that your left side is looking much better now, that is definitely big progress. Long may it continue! Have you got more UVB treatment scheduled?

Gill @gill4
Dundee, UK

I'm a disable female who lost half a leg and two toes to p and diabetic two years ago

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