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I have a skin irritation on my chest that keeps flaring up. It's itchy and red and I've no idea how to ease the pain and itching. It could be related to stress and heat because both exacerbate the discomfort


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Poppy @popsjordan

I have psoriasis, but I also recently got a group of red, itchy, sore bumps on my chest area, my mum thought it was hives of shingles??

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Joanne, Welcome to Flaym! Apple cider vinegar as well as lemon applied to my skin have both been incredibly helpful for the intense itch. Sounds a little odd, but it works! I use mainly lemon now as it smells better and give better results with pain and inflammation. Have a browse through the themes section for lemon and psoriasis to get a good idea of how it helps others :) I hope you can find some relief soon!

Poppy, It sounds like you may possibly be experiencing guttate Psoriasis. A trip to your gp could confirm it for you, to make sure and rule anything else out.

Sarah @sarahuk

Ouch Joanne, so sore. Oo yep need a trip to your GP to see what it is. My son just had hives for the first time and it was horrible! Looked just like nettle rash. Guttate is more like "raindrops". Have you had streptococcal throat infection recently? If so, this is a massive guttate trigger. I was told about 80% of cases (including mine last year)... Welcome to Flaym!

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