...feeling hopeful Ria @ria414


I have P in my ears is there anything that can help


Theme Psoriasis in the Ears

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Lindsay @lin31

Was about to type the same

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Ria, I use coconut or almond oil mixed with tea tree oil when my ears get flakey. I find it very soothing. Take a look in the themes section for ears and see posts from others and their experiences. Welcome to Flaym!

Just Labs
Just Labs @welcometomyworld

wow... me as well - and they are itchy-itchy-itchy!!
Will go read the ears section!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Ria! Me too p in my ears, 21 years. I got it under control using a short term use of steroid gel. Gel not cream! For years the cream did nothing for my psoriasis, but the gel really does. Maybe it absorbs differently? So I got the flaking and peeling down with the gel, and then now the past two years ish I just use Aveeno Cream to moisturise them and that is fine for me now. Long term, looking at my psoriasis triggers has helped me to reduce inflammation in my body in general. This is now my quest!

Bev @bev43

Welcome Ria I have it in my ears only. I also used the steroid gel for a short time and now moisturise them daily with a homemade cream. I find if I forget to moisturise at least twice daily the itchiness gets really bad.

Elaine @elaine2018

Yup, me too.......use coconut oil on my ears, but will try Michelle's concoction!!! May ask for that steroid gel from my doc. Thanks so much, everyone!!!!

Martha @martha8

The doc prescribed OTOMIZE ear spray it works while you are using it once you stop its back again

Elaine @elaine2018

Thanks for the name of the med., Martha!!! I will look into how it effects the cells, and why it returns once stopped.

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