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Can someone describe their facial psoriasis to me please.
Mine gets a build up of dead skin, and it goes greasy all the time, and if i dont apply steroids every 3-4 days it goes red. I always remove the dead skin before applying though.


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Clint @NJClint

Please cut a slice of lemon πŸ‹ and rub it on affected areas leave on until you shower 🚿 or wash off repeat πŸ”

Kay @nuggetsmcr

Never thought about using lemon, will give it a try!

Clint @NJClint

It works perfectly

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

yes i do, not a wise thing to do after a shave though oooouuuuuchhh :)luckily ladies normally dont have to shave their faces ,a rare thing that some do, i know of a lady who does this :) yes i get build up of a few flakes here and there,above my top lip is a place it likes to go, never did all my life until now, maybe because i dont use steroids or rarely, very bazzar , one side of my temple gets a flake,in front of my ear , these are small flakes though, chin can get it also, if i grow a stubble its like velcro and catches the flakes on it if i rub my face :)

Michelle @mishlyn

Good Luck with the lemon Kloey! I think you will be pleasantly surprised! I have used it along my hairline and works good 😊

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Kloey! My facial psoriasis is (at the moment) eyebrows only but in the past has also been hairline and forehead too, all at the top. Mine doesn't really begin with dead skin, it begins with going red and thickened, and then after a day or two it flakes and goes white. Then it goes back to red and thickened, and cycles through flakes again. You know the drill πŸ˜•

Mark @mark5813

I get the same in patches . Shaving is a nightmare sometimes but I seem to be able to make it much better by applying Neutrogena Dermatological cream every day (once) usually in the morning. This won't work for some I know but it may help

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Kay @nuggetsmcr
Manchester, United Kingdom

I am 22 years old and have had psoriasis since my early teens. I am a carer, specialising in dementia and i play Xbox, and i like to help others in any way i can, im always available to talk to if you need a friend. Psoriasis will not beat me! :)

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