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Does anyone know what happens to a tattoo if psoriasis goes on that area? The other thing when you move does it feel like your skin is ripping. I look like I got into a fight with a bunch of cats.


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James @ferns

Re tattoos, they just get covered in plaques but are still there underneath. I can't say I feel the ripping thing you mentioned but when I wake in the morning, it sometimes looks like those cats have had a go at my back.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Ace. No Sorry. I've always wanted to get a tattoo but was afraid my P will blow out of proportion.

Sarah @sarahuk

I've wanted to get a tattoo but never did (yet) because of the p risk. And I didn't know what design yet!

James @ferns

Ive been thinking about getting some rabbits tattoo'd on my head, cause from a distance they'll look like hairs.

Marie @marie8963

I do have plenty of tattoos (and I have another one I want to get). I had one spot of P that was on one of my tattoos and I was very upset that it would ruin my tattoo. However it didn't and no scarring was left. Looks normal to me.
I think with the colour tattoos it harder to see the P. Not to sure of the black and grey ones.

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Ace @chris1623

Psoriasis is ruining my life. I can't stop itching. If anyone has any help please let me know

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