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How many different treatments have you tried for your psoriasis? What made you change between treatments?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

I had uv treatment as a child and used creams all my life, in over a year it has been diet/lifestyle changes :)

Md @md

I always tried natrural approach, almost cleared last year but I cheated to my body, ate some bad foods, again flared up. Now trying to avoid all bad foods, but till now no significant result like previous year

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

I did the light therapy twice during fall and winter and when it didn`t really work any more then I just tried creams and ointments..and I'm currently on Betaderm from the hospital doctor and it seems to be keeping the itchy away,,plus Aveeno intense relief cream.

Michelle @michelle1021

Never done any therapy before apart from over the counter products. Like Md and John, I check what I eat, how I live and try to be outdoors as much as I can. Although cheating sometimes, (and still do with drinking wine on a Friday) I try to not fall into that grip of cheating.

Lynne @peachkin

What do you mean by treatments? By Doctor or by shampoo
or anything else on the market. I changed because they did not work or help.

Sarah @sarahuk

I have only used topical stuff (20 years) and natural approaches (1 year). I switched because when my guttate psoriasis appeared a year ago, none of the topical medications would touch it or make any difference for 3 whole months, and so I had to try other stuff. I didn't want immunosurpressants. So that is the route I chose!

Madmum007 @madmum007

I've had steroid creams, vit. D cream, Coconut cream from Dr's. none works for me. some even made it worse. I tried of medicated over the counter shampoos ,didn't touch my p. Now I stay away from Dr's. I treat myself naturally. (& it's working for now).

Steve @cartermac13

Bio's since 2003, before that mostly tanning beds first part of spring & then natural sunlight in the summer.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I had tar based creams in my younger years. It didn't work as good for me as my stuff I had for my scalp. I had asked my dr if I could have the liquid that I was using on my scalp made to a cream and she said yes. At that time I did not give it a second thought of what it could be, which was steroid based. Currently I am still using steroid base 3-4 times a week. I tried light therapy once, but the 3hr round trip 3x a week was too much. I am currently on a holistic path and doing what I can naturally with the hopes of slowly weaning off the steroids.

Michelle @michelle1021

That's great Michelle. Please keep us updated of the progress regards to the holistic path. I prefer the natural healing as well.

Ruben @ruben

Steroid creams and light treatment in the past, but due to the side effects changed to natural treatment. Working very well at the moment. Still improving. Slow but steady

Michelle @michelle1021

I'm happy to hear about that Ruben. Shows you that natural treatment can be more effective with the right diet.:)

Dianne @notforme

Hi: psoriasis is a condition, not a disease. I made a conscious decision when my GP told me I had this condition and printed out a pretty massive leaflet telling me all the various "treatments" available. Sorry but I really CANNOT abide the dreadful sticky creams so that went out the window after 2 days. Diet - sorry - no to that also. Cheesed off enough without restrictions as to what to eat.
Cutting to the chase I completely ignored all the professional instructions and now I am almost completely free of the dreaded symptoms - about 3 flakes a week- which I think is laughable.
All these poor people living lives of hiding and misery - its YOUR life - don´t let the so-called professionals take everything away!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Dianne, i dont believe in taking drugs etc or anything like that,its a difficult one with persons with bad psoriasis to not feel depressed, we are all different with psoriasis, no one is the same it seems,we all seem to respond differently with treatment whether light treatment ,uv,, Diet/lifestyle changes , certain drugs that help one and not the other , what was your treatment , if you dont mind me asking to reducing your flakes? mine is sun , diet, and maybe lemons at the moment , my arthritis improved very quickly with diet change last year within a few months , i know its a choice and i have helped many reduce symptoms,small amount of sun here and there is the most ideal for me for skin i know that, diet helps well with my arthritis, i dont go to these professionals and i havnt since 1985,i knew then they cant do nothing for me after years of seeing these people to just look at it and scratch their heads as there is no cure ,theres only a few options but these are short term solutions,drugs are not good for one though they can clear up a persons psoriasis with maybe a chance of some nasty side affects thank you

Sarah @sarahuk

That is one way to look at it Dianne! It's great to hear your flakes are looking so good. And good for you for going your own way with it. We all try different things!

Susan @godcares

Think I tried most everything except biologics Flaym... Really, when I took my health into my own hands things changed. Mind/body/soul...If I could go back I would NEVER have done the route of steroids at a very young age...

Brana @brana

This cream only helped against psoriasis. It complet natural, does not contain corticosteroids. /Use translater for this....Kartalin krema je efikasni ruski preparat za ublažavanje simptoma psorijaze, atopijskog dermatitisa i ekcema. Omekšava i neguje suvu i hrapavu kožu, odstranjuje odumrle ćelije kože, dajući joj pritom zdrav i gladak izgled.

Komponente krema Kartalin ciljano dejstvuju na žarište upale, odstranjujući odumrle ćelije površinskog sloja kože, obezbeđujići visoku dostupnost biološki aktivnih supstanci. Doprinosi brzoj obnovi kože, dajući joj zdrav i gladak izgled.

Kartalin krema ne sadrži kortikosteroidne hormone.

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