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Hi all: am a pharmacist and am interested in improving the health condition of those with eczema and psoriasis. Will look at, hopefully, many postings and gain an insight. I do not have psoriasis but have a long career of medical practice. Cheers


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Theresa @theresa62

How sweet alot of people really don't understand what we go through with this condition thank you for showing how much you care

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sounds good David, I treat mine as natural as i can, i use less creams etc and i have improved my psoriatic arthritis by a long way to near none existent just by changing my Diet/lifestyle :) thank you :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, David! I am totally refreshed by seeing you here, what a lovely thing to join to better understand the care you can offer your clients with psoriasis. If only there were more healthcare professionals like you out there! And if there were, if only they came to Flaym!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Great to see you here David, I would recommend looking at how much healing can be done through natural approaches. It is amazing. Lemon is helping a lot of us. Check out the themes section for both topics :)

David @david41166

Really am surprised with the many challenges I have read about. As a compounding pharmacist I will work on a designer compound to help alleviate the breakout patches and perhaps give you an inexpensive cream / ointment. Many barriers are there between me and you. Cheers to all

Mishlyn @mishlyn

What challenge surprises you most David?

David @david41166

The annoying dryness / itching on breakouts and the many manifestations of P

Mimi @mimi1972

David- I would be interested in a compound oint cream when and if you were able to compound one. Being a nurse myself and a P Pt. now I am very hesitant about any biologics, or systemic medications. Steroid creams don't cont to work after using for some amount of time.

Jen @jen1984

Hello David. Well come!
It's exciting when a healthcare professional shows a genuine interest . Thank you.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi David. You posted this 20 days ago and I only see it now? Terrible of me. I apologize. It would be interesting to know if you have maybe experimented with some creams/ointment for the relieve of P and eczema as yet?

David @david41166

Hi Michelle: Glad we are able to connect. On your question...have some positive feedback for possibilities. Will see how it goes as I take this journey. Until later, Cheers

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David @david41166
High Point, NC, USA

Am a retired pharmacist and am interested in improving the health condition of those with eczema and psoriasis. Have gained a lot of insight. Team is being assembled to advance product. Prayers // fingers crossed. My heart tears to all with "P".

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