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So yesterday my forehead was irritated, so whilst i was washing it i put on baby oil and today my fhead seems better and feels better thanit has in a long time. Anybody used or had an outcome with baby oil?


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Kloey. I have used it in the past when I was a teenager and I first got psoriasis, but not since. I found it to be too heavily scented for my skin and it irritated it. I found it quite hard to wash off too, so I had to agitate the skin to get it off!

Michelle @mishlyn

I used it years ago too Kloey. It has helped me back then. I'm not sure why I stopped using it, I think I came to the point where I needed more medicinal creams. I am happy yo hear it is helping you!

Dianne @notforme

Oh well its the pragmatic approach i.e. suck it and see. Just keep on experimenting, although I feel that in the end you might just come to my own conclusion: that the condition is yours and only you can decide what works and what does not. In my case,I do absolutely nothing and should a few flakes hit the deck I still do absolutely nothing and guess what? No more flakes. Less is absolutely more with this condition I think!

Jen @jen1984

I do agree somewhat Dianne. It all depends to what degree your body is covered and how bad and what type. If you get a flare up out of nowhere where your skin cracks and bleeds and the itch drives you crazy, you need to do something drastic quick.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Kloey. I used it many years ago but I did not like the oiliness on my skin and I stopped it. If it works for you, then keep on using it. Remember to not apply too much baby oil on your skin as it will clog pores. Maybe your skin is dehydrated which is why it was so irritated? Do you have P on your face?

Kay @nuggetsmcr

So its been about 3 days since putting babyoil on.
My fhead has started to get a little red, but theirs no build up of dead skin like their normally would be, even my sister was surprised at how good it looked yesterday. So im going to keep up with the oil for now :)
@dianne when i had p over my body, i didnt use anything apart from moisturiser and it cleared up, i dont like using creams and stuff unless its my face because its visible to everything and everyone.
@michelle, yeah i have it on my face (forehead, nose and cheeks) and have done for around 6/7 years it never used to be bad though until i started using creams suggested by the doc.

Thanks for all your comments :D

Michelle @michelle1021

Kloey, I'm happy it works for you and I hope your P clears up. :) THIS WEBSITE has helped me a lot. Without Flaym I would've still eaten my "diet food" which wasn't as healthy as I thought. Since I have changed my diet, my P got better. Wasn't it for "these" people, my legs would've been covered in P now that it's getting winter. I would never have done research on what to eat and what to use. We are all here to give advice and if one listens to the majority, one would see that the advice that was given actually works. We are still here for you Kloey and good luck :) When your P clears up we would all be using baby oil.

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Kay @nuggetsmcr
Manchester, United Kingdom

I am 22 years old and have had psoriasis since my early teens. I am a carer, specialising in dementia and i play Xbox, and i like to help others in any way i can, im always available to talk to if you need a friend. Psoriasis will not beat me! :)

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