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I have been using a steroid spray on my scalp and it cleared up in about a week. I finally got to wear my hair up after 2 years, I cried happy tears!!


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Pat @pat5326

Congrats Briana! With summer coming here in so cal, putting your hair up is a great plus!

Cherryl @cherryl

That’s brilliant 😀

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Awwwee so great Briana! I am happy to hear you found something helpful!
Nice to see you back & with such wonderful news!

Sarah @sarahuk

Wow that's some great result! I've never tried steroid spray but have heard good things. You must be over the moon! I posted here on Flaym about 9 months / a year ago about the first time I put my hair up in decades too. It really is a big achievement. So happy for you 💜

Michelle @michelle1021

That is wonderful news Briana. Well done! I'm very happy for you :)

Briana @bc

Thank you all!!

Briana @bc

I can’t tell you how amazing each of you are for commenting and showing your support. I absolutely love this community of people. It is amazing to know I’m not alone and you actually understand how HUGE it is that I can wear my hair up. I am thankful for each and everyone of you. To a flake free life!!!!!

Michelle @michelle1021

To a flake free life Briana! Hip Hip....Hooray!


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Briana @bc
Santa Monica, CA, United States

Have had psoriasis for over 11 years and it SUCKS!! My pug helps make everything better though.

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