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Can you tell in advance that you are about to have a flare-up? What are the warning signs? What do you do?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Flaym, Well winter comes and then i am stuffed, nothing i can do, i dont get it bad like some here but, it can be very annoying :)

Peter @peter5300

Oh yes winter is about here and having the same worries and a bit of a flare up now, Pustular P skin gets sensitive in the area that is about to flare up few days before it happens and gets a bit red as for what do i do... bandage the area up as scratching at night seems to make it worse especially at night to not scratch in my sleep. All i can rely do other than the diary changes,as creams aggravate it.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Flaym. When I feel a burning sensation on my skin, I know my P is going to flare up. After about an hour I start to itch. Once I feel the burning sensation, I immediately drink some organic turmeric (3 times a day) and rub my P with my tar mixture to get rid of the itching (often). I will only eat salads for a couple of days and I cut out the red meat as well. With Winter around the corner, I'm not sure what I'm going to do apart from treating my P as per usual. The cold wind makes my skin flare up and it will spread like an airborne disease over my body if I don't keep myself wind and weather resistant.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

I have only had one bad flare up last f all & winter and the hospital put me on an ointment which has kept the itch away but its only for my legs and the last couple of days my hands are very itchy,,maybe washing dishes and no gloves--the soap? Using more tumerac and drinking more water.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

That good Lorna with water intake , yes . you should wear gloves though thats a choice . can dry your skin out with chemicals,soaps etc

Ruben @ruben

In my nails yes, fingertips of my fingers with affected nails feel a lot warmer. On my legs I feel the tingle...

Janet @steadnz

Since menopause my p has been much better although I now get more reactions to medications.I still find a certain drug
(how do you tell people what works for you). is still the best treatment for me .

Ellen @ellen4

Mine also starts with a burning sensation & then the itch..by the time I go investigate I already have a few blisters....

Ninad @ninad

First check on food which I have eatten for a week's
Seconds check on starching points
Apply necessary oilment too it

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes I can tell! My muscles / skin burn deep down. Then the itch comes on the surface. Then within a day or two, it bubbles up and then goes red, and the bubbles "pop" into flakes. Then the flakes fall and multiply and eventually calm down. Then the cycle starts again. And what I do is, try not to scratch, moisturise like a crazy person, oil my skin up whenever I can, and try to ignore it as much as possible!

berni @berni

No I do not have any way if having a flare up

Bob @Handsomebob

Stress is a major factor for me when I get stressed I know the flare up is coming

Karin @karinm

I have recently started to notice that I feel spaced out and a bit highly strung, and then the flare comes. My guess is that the immune system is up to something and that first causes the weird feeling, secondly the skin reaction. It was probably always the same, but I was too busy in the past to pay attention.

irv @irv

i dont get flare ups its there all the time

Julia Erica
Julia Erica @juliaerica

Same feeling with everyone, there’s a burning sensation then it flare up... that was before when i have not started using lemon and change my diet. Now is different when I followed Clint advice. I don’t stress myself this time, i managed to be relax and calm that helps a lot.

Meryl @meryl1

Winter is my nemesis as is hot humid weather, which I can’t avoid , and stressful events . For example my husband was seriously ill for nearly 12 months and I held it together until he improved and then had the worst flare up I have ever head which has also finally resulted in a positive diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis !

Lilly @lilly2

I haven't really noticed. I had my first really bad flare up on the soles of my feet and hands last June, 2017. I used creams and uv therapy. I continued to get worse. It spread to my whole body then I started on a injection I do myself. I have gotten a lot better, however my heels and my hands get better and then get bad again. It is really frustrating because the skin on my fingers breaks and bleeds and so do my soles. I am very frustrated.

Judi @judi5

My foot itches unbearably...Swear a lot...and try to figure out what caused it...It’s usually either diet or stress-related...Not much I can do but take my turmeric and moisturize and let it take its course..Last time it was just one huge pustular boil-like thing that covered my whole instep on my foot...Crippled me with the pain...could hardly walk...Now it’s better...it broke open because I had to spade up my garden and that’s my spading foot...so I put colloidal silver on it to prevent infection...wrapped it and went back to work...I need that garden...

Fran @narf

Yes, I itch like crazy! I try to stop scratching by dousing it in cold water and then rubbing a thick cream on it! If that doesn't work, I scratch!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Its the itch for me too. Lemon and apple cider vinegar have been great combatting it!

Joy @joy697

I start itching more and get sweaty in the creases

Ramona @ramona377

no, always irritated

Elaine @elaine2005

I know it is
A horrible flare up and I
Isolate myself

Michelle @michelle1021

@Sarah. May I ask what you mean by bubbles? What type of P is it?

Angie @angie

When my anxiety is spiking excessively I know the probability of my having a flare up increases. I start to get hot flashes and just an overall feeling of inflammation in my body. Then I feel more itchy and flaky and see more of the tiny guttate patches form.

Teresa @teezee

No. Can never tell. My head can be really good for a little while then out of the blue the psoriasis is back with a vengeance :(

Jacqueline @jax

As soon as I have washed my hair it is brilliant then it is hit and miss. Some days it stays fine until later in the day but other it can start itching quite early on. However if I ever have to use a hairdryer itch from the start 😬

Ellen @ellen4

Jacqueline I am the same. Cannot use a hairdryer anymore so I cut my hair short so that it can dry naturally & quickly. I just add a few rollers to make a style ( hahahaahaaa)

Ruth @ruth89

I can tell when I am going to have a flare up-In February I had a complicated surgery for torn tendons in my shoulder. Instantly my psoriasis flared up-sleep deprivation, pain, my arm swelled to twice its size-I just had to go with it-accept its going to all calm down at some stage and thankfully it did. Winter also makes it worse-it becomes very raw and bleeds in winter. Actually just sitting in the sun the last few weeks for a couple of hours has improved it-intense moisturising, lots of water, walking and dancing to music really helps me too. We all have to adapt to this condition and everyone is different -its great that we can share and give tips to one another too-positivity helps everyone.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

So true Ruth, we are all different, i should be thankful that i dont have this bad but, i do know what its like to have this bad as i did years ago, i dread winter because of the cold and skin gets the patches , sorry about all the stuff you have been through with this

Evey Toogood
Evey Toogood @eveytoogood

Fed up with recent flare up, worse in over 50 years. Family worries possible. Any advice other than creams and medical options?

carol @carol1943

I start to swell up. My watch gets tight and then I get red and hot and the stress from that probably makes the whole thing twice as bad. I have had 3 bad ones ending up in the hospital. The 4th one was the worst and my insurance would no longer pay for hospitalization. Derm and I fought back with pills and increased dosage of biologic that I was on at the time. 3 months for it to calm down. Every inch of skin sloughed off several times. Awful.

Leroy @leroy

On my head, so wmbarassment.

Leroy @leroy

I have tried every thing, been to dermatalogist, but it comes back.

berni @berni

No I have been having to wear cotton gloves for the past two years .
As soon as I take the gloves off it get worse all the creams are not helping .

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

I can`t really notice a time when I'm going to get a flare up..its just there suddenly. maybe stress?/

Nicola @Nicky

I never know, my ears just itch when I'm stressed or even when not sometimes. Usually if I go out with friends I can keep off the itching but as soon as I get home I scratch my ears madly.

Sarah @sarahuk

@michelle1021, yes it's kind of like tiny bubbles under the skin, that come up to the surface and the "pop" into flakes on the top eventually. It is plaque psoriasis that I am talking about there, but I also have guttate and inverse.

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you Sarah and I'm sorry to hear about the bubbles. Show's you how little I know about P. :)

Sarah @sarahuk

You know loads about it! Mine is just mine. And everyones is just their own. It is a total mystery...

Gordon @gordon582

I don't have flare ups hand size spot on my back few spots on the side. Stays the same. Started useing uvb lamp. Doesn't itch seems to be fading. My wife does lamp likes to play doctor. Quit drinkig 6 months ago seemed to help somewhat. Gordy

Chel @chel

My hands start itching but sometimes I don't even know I'm having a flare up until I look at my hand

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