...feeling sad Eilish @eilish

Looks, itch, coping

In absolute agony tonight, my skin feels so tight & like someone is twisting it. Feel so sore 😢 spreading like wild fire too 😫


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

aww Eilish, I am sorry to hear that What are you using for moisturizer? Have you ever tried oils? Almond and coconut have worked really good for me, its so soothing. I hope you feel better tomorrow. May be time to reevaluate your treatment plan with your dr to find something more helpful. Have you ever experimented with food to see how some may effect your skin?

Eilish @eilish

Hi Michelle, I'm in to see my GP today, literally can't handle it now, I've been using hemp body butter but like most creams/moisturiser I use they don't work for long. Hopefully see what the doctor can suggest. It's painful just walk with it being on my ankle and foot, have it on my elbows, knees, palms, hands & shins 😢 kind of at my tether with it now.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Oh so happy you can see your GP today Eilish! I am sorry for your pain and I hope you can get something today that can be helpful! Those days are horrible. Would you be interested in trying Lemon? Just on a small spot to see if it makes a difference. Its been so helpful for me. It even healed a deep cracked knuckle I had in about 4 days.. That was shocking, but I am so grateful it worked. Good Luck today! Let us know how it goes ❤

Sarah @sarahuk

Yaaaaah Eilish, so sore! That sensation is so horrible. I get that under my skin too when I get flare ups. I think I do get it more when I eat dairy. I noticed the recently! Really hope your appointments come around fast 💛

Gabriela @gabbybaez

So sorry to hear that. My derm once prescibed some allergy medications that make me kinda sleepy. It would help with itch and relax me enough to be able to fall asleep. I would also at Times drink a night time tea that would slowly calm me and I would sleep and not feel any of the pain or itch. These nights suck. :( I hope it gets better soon and that nights like these are kept to a minimum

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Eilish @eilish

Had psoriasis since I was 14, I'm 23 now and currently going through a flare up 😥. From the UK.

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