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Does anyone use fresh ginger juice to keep their ps at bay?


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Madmum007 @madmum007

I am thinking about using ginger juice mixed with olive oil & coconut oil on my scalp ps leave it on over night then shampoo it out in the morning. I was wondering if any one had tried this & if so was it a success or failure?

steve @beachbum

I add ginger, pineapple, and turmeric juice to homemade kombucha and I believe it put me in remission. Perhaps with a little vitamin D3 and oil blend help.

Michelle @mishlyn

Oohh that sounds lovely for your scalp madmum! Let us know how it works for you. I add ginger to smoothies or in a tea sometimes. Ginger juice sounds really nice. Do you have a recipe for it?

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes I use fresh ginger root in my juices. I often use a combo of carrot, beetroot and ginger with some fresh squeezed lemon. It is soooo nice 😄

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