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Good morning flaym family.
Clint lemons are working wonders on my skin. however, my scalp is driving me crazy. I've tried soaking it with oil, tree tea shampoo, and lotion but the itch and dryness are unbearable. Suggestions PLEASE!


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Clint @NJClint

You have to put lemon 🍋 there..sorry try a test area make sure it don't dye your locks

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Really happy to hear the lemon is helping you Eva! Maybe give it a shot on your scalp. I have used it along the edges of my scalp and its been good :) When my scalp flares tgel extra strength works best for me. Hope it clears soon!

Sarah @sarahuk

Can you put the lemon in a spray bottle for your scalp? I use a spray for my grapeseed oil when I apply it to my scalp and it helps a lot in that format...

Madmum007 @madmum007

ginger with coconut oil is working for me tonight

Peter @peter5300

Have you tried Rooi bos tea / red bush tea ? i found it soothed my P

Tracey @sooty

Hi Eva Try Moo Goo scalp cream and Moo Goo milk shampoo. Just started it 4 days ago and no itching! Tracey😎

Marmara @marmara

Black soap works really good for me as a shampoo and for the body as well

Michelle @michelle1021

What is black soap Marmara?

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I was diagnosed April 2, 2018 . It's has been tough dealing with it. Since my diagnosis, I've been searching for support. Help

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