...feeling sad Stephanie @pix1

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Been extremely stressed and psoriasis is popping up everywhere 😩


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Gabriela @gabbybaez

So sorry! I can imagine now the flare makes you think k about it more! It’s so difficult to cope. We are here for you!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Stress is a big one for me too Stephanie. I just finished a mindfulness course that has been really helpful for me. It taught me how to pay better attention to my breathing.. which is huge when faced with a stressful situation. I bet there are some great mindfullness YouTube videos out there. I hope things can settle down for you soon! If you haven't yet tried Lemon on your skin, I highly recommend it. It helped me heal quicker from my latest flare up.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Stephanie! Stress is terrible for my psoriasis too. Flares up like anyone's business when emotional strife comes along... It's discouraging watching your coverage grow. But it can shrink back again too! You are in the right place to help you along...Welcome to Flaym!

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