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I've been really struggling with accepting myself lately. My psoriasis is severe and I have it near my private area. I'm still a virgin because of this and I feel like I'll never find someone who will accept me when I can't even accept myself.


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Peter @peter5300

Im sorry to hear that and i understand with out giving to much detail, all i can say is when i met my other half i was embarrassed of my P as it was a lot worse than it is now, but the right one doesn't look at you fiscal appearance but the what is inside. I was very honest about my P and did not bother her or affect our relationship. As for the accepting your self, i know its hard but work at it one day at a time. As this can bring other stresses or emotional shock. You in my thoughts.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sorry to hear this Emily, i am a lifer since birth emily 49 years now i know no different without it, i have psoriatic arthritis also which has been with me 15 years, i control my symptoms with Diet/lifestyle changes though that is a choice for everyone , i have genital psoriasis also, there are people out there that will accept persons with psoriasis, i am sure someone will come along one day,what i learnt was, think about your positives not negatives, thats what shows to a person,we think its all about psoriasis and we give a negative response , the negative response is what people see more than the psoriasis i believe, i have had many relationships and i talk about it in a positive way and not a negative way, it has worked for me over the years, its about you as a person not the skin, i wish you well emily

Ruben @ruben

Hello Emily, welcome to Flaym!
You're not alone, you just found the greatest group of people.
My P is still improving since making some diet changes, banning some foods and adding some supplements.
As we all react to foods differently, it's important that you find out what works for you, which supplement helps and what foods to avoid.
Browse around, tonnes of knowledge here.
Don't be afraid to ask questions or just vent... That's why we're all here.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Emily. I have a 24yr old daughter, turning 25 in September. She is still a virgin as well and not because of P, but because of choice. My daughter's name is Lizelle. She sometimes ask me if she would get P and if she does, will she ever find a boyfriend (she never had a bf in her life) because she can't even find one now. I said to her a guy wants to feel chosen by a woman he had to earn. He doesn’t want to feel like he’s just filling a spot that could have easily gone to any other man with a pulse. The right man will show up. Be patient. You have to know that, having P doesn't mean you will never find the love your'e looking for. Having Psoriasis only gives you more time to find the right person to love. I haven't had a lot of men in my life. 3 to be exact (I'm 43) and all 3 of them accepted me with my condition. They looked passed my P and accepted me for who I am. Once you start to accept your condition, You will start to accept yourself. Don't let fear stop you from being the person you want to be. Give yourself time. Love yourself. Remember, we are our own worst enemy. If you can't love yourself first, how will you be able to love another? Listen to all the advice our wonderful Flaymers are giving you and be patient. Your P will improve and you will become the person you are suppose to be. With or without P. Good luck :)

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Emily, try and stay strong. Some moments can be really tough. I am happy you found us here, loads of support and many great tips to help. Louise Hay has a book called *you can heal your life* It changed my life with psoriasis and helped me learn how to Love myself. That was the first step I needed to take to walk the path of healing. It helped me take the lead with my skin. Through dietary changes, supplements natural approaches, there are many different things we can try. Lemons applied directly on my skin have been amazing. Reducing inflammation and Flakiness. Welcome to Flaym! Stay connected with us, we are in this together ❤

Chris @Chris70

Nothing wrong with being a virgin when the time and person are right it will be , people love for all kinds of reason mostly in my case what's inside that person than the outer

Lesley @lesley65

Totally a body is a body it’s who’s inside that matters ... I’ve gone from being 8 1/2 stone to 16 1/2 stone .... clear skinned to inverse psoriasis in my most intimate areas but I’m still me .... my hubbie still loves me ... I’m more ham my body and so are you !!!! Everyone has hang ups . I know how self conscious you can be with psoriasis but the right person really won’t care xxxxx

Savannah @sav21

I felt the complete same way however when you find someone special they won’t care about your psoriasis!

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Savannah said it all.

When You accept Yourself, there is no problem with other.

I presume that You are a young girl, so don't do that to Yourself!

Elaine @elaine2018

One thing I chose to do to help my self-esteem, and feel more accepting of myself, is tan! Just research the pros and cons. I'm browned now, so the redness isn't as prevalent. And the Vitamin D helps as well. And use coconut oil!

allan @allanncaz

you have something special be proud .

Michelle @michelle1021

We all have. Well said. Acceptance is the key to progress. :)

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