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No offense but I hate it when people are like "psoriasis doesn't define you" because actually it does otherwise I wouldn't be wearing long sleeves and long pants in 90° weather


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Richard @richardcvx

It’s difficult to not let it effect you. People often offer advice with good intentions without realising just how much it effects different people. It’s good to talk about it, have a rant and relieve the stress 🙂

agb @agb

For myself psoriasis does define the choices I make every day. Food, clothes, mental health. It does define who I am

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Emily. Psoriasis doesn't define who you are. You do it all by yourself. Remember sweetheart, it is up to us to decide if our P is going to define us or not. It is NOT easy to be a P sufferer but if you let it bring you down then you are not going to survive. We are here for you Emily just as you are here for us.

Millionways @millionways

It effects you. You feel it, you see it and its on your mind a big part of the day. Its what people see the first. But it doesnt mean you are psoriasis, it means that psoriasis is a part of you at this moment. And you have to deal with that. You dealing with it makes you so much stronger. I hope you still can see the big picture. Yes, it does effect, but we all are still the same person, who we are with or without p. (Even when you are old, you are still the same as you where as a kid, only a bit wiser)

Naima @Naima

I never cared about what people think, the sun is good for you, you chould enjoy every sunshine for yourself and for your P. People look anyway with or without P. You will be surprised how many people already now P. Just try it, after a while you won't care either. Good luck!

Sarah @sarahuk

Defines you... doesn't define you... meh. For me it is both things at different times, and sometimes both at the same time too.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Well here i am a flaker, flaking his way through the posts here on flaym in the outside world i am john and thats it, :) it shouldnt define you in my opinion :)

Taralyn @taralyn

Exactly! People do not get why I hate the summer! Well you get to wear shorts and cute summer outfits- I look like I’m ready for a blizzard covered head to toe! Not fun when I’m sweating and miserable! How many days till fall???

Michelle @michelle1021

Taralyn. You can still look like a summer flower wearing the right clothes. How much of your body is covered in P? and if I may ask, where? I hated summer too. I hated everybody and summer. All I wanted to do was shifting seasons so it can be winter all the time. Then I realized that the sun is actually VERY GOOD for my P. If you keep on thinking negatively you will stay in your black hole and be miserable for the rest of your life. It's time for you to get up and look the world in the eye and decide if you want to be dragged down with this negativity. You are so beautiful. There are lots of clothes you can wear to hide your Psoriasis. Don't let your P take control of your mind and spirit. It has your body, but you can change it. Life is not just about showing some skin. It's about enjoying it.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

So true Michelle, you ladies have a good way with words which is true of course, :)

Michelle @michelle1021

lol. sometimes I have to choose my words carefully to not offend anyone and I hope I haven't so far! John, we have to know that we can't be spoon fed with nice sincere words the whole time (I'm talking about myself and not referring to anybody in specific). The change starts with us right? And if we can't be strict and disciplined with ourselves, how are we going to accept advice from other people (my opinion). How are we going to stay strong for the sake of ourselves? It's not easy living with Psoriasis but we can learn to live with it.

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