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Had to rewrite my bucket list. But I’m fulfilling one - getting a tattoo next week. Had to find a wheelchair accessible place and someone I felt understood health & P. I’ll dose up on pain meds to get out the house! Aftercare of tat is concerning me?


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Nikki @niksam

I’ve been told that the aftercare cream they give isn’t great for people with P. Can anyone suggest something that would be good to use on a healing tattoo please? Thank you!

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Nikki. Congratulations for fulfilling a wish on your bucket list! I know that people in SA uses vaseline but I don't know if there is something else on the market. Please let us know how your P reacts to the tattoo. I would love to get one but I am too scared it might trigger my P. Well done for being so courageous! I do admire that. :)

Nikki @niksam

I’ve been reading lots of information, on here and all over the Internet. On the whole, most people report that the new tattoo heals well without causing a flare in the area you’ve had your new tattoo! The only criticism I’ve found is the aftercare cream that’s provided, not being the best for us with P. This has something to do with the way our skin heals compared to people without P.
I’m only have a small tattoo...which will look like a delicate bracelet. It’s unfortunate that in the last few days I’ve started getting P on my hands! 🙄

Michelle @michelle1021

I'm sorry to hear about your hands Nikki and I wish you luck with the tattoo. Don't do anything if you don't feel right about it. Good luck!

Gill @gill4

Good luck Nikki my friend using the cream starting with b for nappy rash

Sarah @sarahuk

Ah Nikki that is great! So uplifting to hear you're fulfilling a dream of yours. I'll be following with interest as I'd love to have a tattoo, but the type of one I would want is VERY large and I'm too scared of reactions... good for you, doing it anyway. I hope that one day I will too if I still want to.

James @ferns

Nikki, one of my daughters has 42 at last count, including a full sleeve and a full back piece. Always, she uses something called Bepanthon, I believe available from most chemist's.

Nikki @niksam

James, does she have P?? I can easily get that cream from the local chemist! I’ve decided not to stress about the tattoo and the healing/P but I want to get the aftercare right.
I’m certain the guy doing my tattoo will have answers, but until my hands decided to join the P party, I hadn’t considered the aftercare question 🙄

James @ferns

Sorry, should have said, no she doesn't have P thankfully. I have asked her to check the leaflet that comes in the box to see if P is mentioned. When she gets back to me I'll comment again.

Ashleigh @ashleigh

Good luck! I have 15 tattoos currently. If I go during a flare up I do have a small issue for a few weeks with a break out over the tattoo. But persistent lotion and exposure to the sun clears it right up in a few weeks! Best of luck with yours!!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Good for you Nikki! It is important to remember to do things for ourselves, I am happy to hear you are fulfilling one of your desires :D Wishing you great luck with the aftercare :)

Darwin michael
Darwin michael @darwin1115

always wanted to get a tattoo. but my dermatologist is against it. he said it will just turn to a big P patch. keep us updated on how your tattoo goes :)

tony @warby

I lost my partner 3 months ago..i would like a tattoo of her name on my arm..when i googled said not advisable it could get infected

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Nikki @niksam
Leicester, UK

Psoriasis since Oct 2017. Learning fast! Also have Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia and severe nerve damage in my leg. Mostly bed bound and only leave the house for hospital appointments. My partner and my Son keep me going.

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