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I have palmoplantar pustulosis and I wonder if someone else has it and how they keep from spreading? I will almost get it cured and it start up again.


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Chel, I have not experienced this type of psoriasis. I did a google search and just learned that another name for palmoplantar pustulosis is pustular psoriasis. I thought they were 2 separate types. If you look in the themes section for pustular psoriasis you will find some great posts from others and what has worked for them. Welcome to Flaym!!

Chel @chel

I just wondered if someone else had ideas. I use my steroid cream, Vaseline and Epsom salt baths. Plus drink water all day long

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome Chel! I haven't had this type of p but I think like any type of psoriasis it comes down to a form of inflammation in the body. If you can find ways to cut down your inflammation maybe you could also cut down your chances of it spreading...

Chel @chel

Thank you I will going back to my doc to see what he says. I think the meds I am on are not working

Denyse @denyse

I was given a medical Marijuana prescription in early December to help with pain in my legs. I started taking CBD oil orally and noticed the psoriasis on my hands was clearing up. My hands have been totally clear since January 1st. I haven’t used my steroid cream since end of December. I’m sooo amazed! My hands have only cleared once in 4 years and for only a week. I wish I could post photos. Fingers crossed this isn’t just a fluke! Hang in there Chel.

Jannie @jannie2469

Did the cbd oil have any other effect on you?
If you don’t mind me asking

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

Hi Chel I have a nightly wrap of my feet and hands..and a viscuss jel w/steroids in it I apply the crème wrap my feet with saran wrap put socks over that to keep the wrap in place I use Vinyl store bought gloves so I can also encase my hands in the same crème I do that every single night and sometimes during the day..I soak in Epsom salts three times a week as well and now I am also doing Collagen shakes I will let you know how I am doing..I am seeing the other areas of my body healing I also use CBD oils and an amended form of Keto eating...its working my body is healing Hugs Precious

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Chel @chel
Kalamazoo, MI, USA

I am a mom and a grandmother. I have palmoplantar pustulosis. I have had it psoriasis for almost 2 years now and I'm trying to get rid of it with steroid cream I have it on my hands and feet.

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