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Im getting married in a 18days and trying hard not to stress have had a small flare up any tips on anything that will help me de-stress thanks inadvance


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Peter @peter5300

Debbie congratulations! Just don't stess😋 just relax let the people and planners and so on do what they have to and you must only worry about being ready and on time my advice

Debbie @debbie1983

Thanks @peter5300 im doing my best not to stress easier said than done

Michelle @michelle1021

Congratulations Debbie! See...told you P sufferers we stand a good chance in getting married and look at this beautiful lady. my evidence.

Debbie, it is going to be the happiest day of your life! Think of all the wonderful things the two of you are going to accomplish, the love you share for each other. Think happy. Don't stress, everything is going to be fine and amazing. Think of your honeymoon! 😈.

Debbie @debbie1983

Thank you Michelle think its just excited nerves i have now seem to stress the little stuff i shouldnt i know. Psoriosis doesnt define me its my insecurities just want to look the best i can on wedding day. That makes me stress to all eyes on me 😣 especially if my P gets any more inflamed x

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Debbie! Hope you can keep the stress levels down! I really recommend the HeadSpace app which I use whenever I can to give myself some head space literally. I get a bit frazzled at times and this helps me loads as the exercises on there are only a few minutes long.

Michelle @michelle1021

I'm sure you will be fine Debbie. Stay calm and don't allow anything negative to come your way. You are going to look stunningly beautiful on your wedding day.

Debbie @debbie1983

Thankyou michelle ❤

Debbie @debbie1983

Ive never heard of that app sarah will give it ago thanks x

Jack @jack3

Aromatherapy oils worked for me with psoriasis and eczema. Use 10ml base oil e.g. primroseoil add 2 drops bergamot, 3 drops lavender and 3 drops chamomile. Rub in the oil quickly soaks in and does not leave an oily feel. Apply at least daily. If you're scared of allergic reaction do a small allergy test

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