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Anyone experiencing loss of hair? What can we do to slow the process?


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Louisa @louisa76

Hi Eva I did through stress and tried roots triple effect, shampoo conditioner and intensive spray. It's pricey at around £30 for all there but you notice the difference in your hair almost immediately

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hey Eva, Tea tree prevents hair loss by preventing clogged follicles and unblocking hair follicles that are already clogged by removing dead cells allowing the hair follicles to get the nourishment they need to grow strong and healthy. It’s also good at controlling excess oil build up, which prevents hair growth. It also helps with unblocking ingrown hairs.
Along with clearing plugged hair follicles it promotes hair growth through its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties by healing and preventing scalp conditions caused by viral and bacterial infections, that hinder hair growth like, dandruff and psoriasis. Viral and bacterial infections are largely the cause of a lot of our scalp disorders. Mix a few drops in any carrier oil you like, I recommend almond oil. Its quite nice and easy to was out :)

eva @ev1
Lakewood, CA, USA

I was diagnosed April 2, 2018 . It's has been tough dealing with it. Since my diagnosis, I've been searching for support. Help

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