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Again sorry I have not commented alot. Been a bit busy. I got engaged on the weekend! Married in September... Noooo. Not a shotgun wedding. I'm 57 soon... LOL. Very excited. Hope everyone is in a good place. I'll connect soon. Blessings y'all.


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Rita @rita

Congratulations Susan! So happy for you!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Awwwwe Susan!! Congratulations!! That is wonderful news. So happy for you!

Jen @jen1984

Congrats Susan! How wonderful. I'm so happy for you. Exciting times.

Marlene @lawmomof3

This is awesome news. No judgment about the quickness. At our age, make the most of the time left. Wishing you and your beloved many years of happiness and love.

Bev @bev43

Wow that's fantastic.
Congratulations Susan may you both have many happy years of marriage ahead of you.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Congratulations! I'm happy for you and I'm sure it will work out.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Congratulations Susan,glad you are so happy :) :)

Jayne @jaynemaber

Wow Susan that is fantastic news - our hats are ready xxxxxx

Michelle @michelle1021

Congratulations Sarah! What a wonderful surprise but the older we get the less we have to wait right? Best of luck for a happy and prosperous marriage to two people who truly deserve each other. Wishing you a life full of happiness and love. The way you spoke and the love you brought out shows that you are the most perfect match for each other. xx

Janice @Immy

You've made my day Susan, so pleased to hear such good news, congratulations and wishing you many years of happiness, you so deserve this.

Julia @kelj

So happy for you Susan

Michelle @michelle1021

I meant Susan. Sorry Susan. I always get their names mixed up. Blonde.

Ellen @ellen4

AWESOME....WOW Congrats Susan ....!!! so there is still hope for us SINGLE FLAYMERS......

Michelle @michelle1021

lol Ellen. Think of the 75,000,000 (as per John) potential back scratchers. There is hope.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Potential back scratchers haha,Thats where couples that are flakers come in handy for each other , you scratch my back and i will scratch yours , they can look at it as foreplay then hightened pleasure is slapping on the moisturizer :)

Clint @NJClint

The Slippery Nipple is a layered cocktail shooter invented by Lucas Lando Klausen and most commonly composed of Baileys Irish Cream and Sambuca. When prepared properly, the ingredients remain in two distinct visible layers due to the relative densities of the ingredients.

Chrisb @chrisb

Congratulations Susan so happy for you and as a slightly over the hill Flaymer it gives me hope !

Michelle @michelle1021

It sure does Chrisb.

Sarah @sarahuk

Wow Susan, congrats! Love is in the air... I need a new hat for the Flaym weddings! 💜

Mavis @mavis

Congratulations Susan really happy for you

rachel @wynnegee

How exciting, that's great news Susan. Congratulations!!

Clint @NJClint

What's that I here wedding bells congratulations 🎉

Connie @connie2097

AWESOME!! Congrats!! Live life to the full!

Lynn @lynnb366

Congratulations Susan! You must be so excited! So happy for you!!

Soo @soo1962

many congrats and blessings

Nan195 @lynnie

All the very best for a happy life with your man Susan, Congratulations and as far as the shotgun goes...keep practicing 🌹❤️😃

Mabel @mabel

I'm new here, but congrats!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Nan195 @lynnie

Welcome to Flaym Mabel, lots of help here and you’re in touch with genuine and fun people. Take care 🌹

Bev @bev43

Welcome to the Flaym family Mabel

MariaL @marial1

Congratulations Susan! Thats really a very wonderful news. A P is not a hindrance of our Happiness. Wishing you the best, from your Filipina flaymily. So happy for you.

Susan @godcares

Back on for the first time in a few weeks. Still just reading posts without comments. Lots of catchup to do!

I really appreciate all your well wishes. After being married for over 30 years, I have a different desire and my Faith is huge now. I stepped out dating quite a few times over the last 4 years of being single. I'm a risk taker for sure but in a good way. It's really quite lovely to meet someone who can see past my exterior (no psoriasis but heck, I'm 57 this year!). He see's my heart and I see his. I wish you all could come here to our wedding. Low key, probably on a ranch setting here, Friday to Sunday with family and friends, BBQ, huge fire pit, cabins on the acreage, casual... Just an event that will allow the gathering of 2 families. Weather permitting sunshine is what we need.

All I can say is that I surrendered my life to God and I also spend time just releasing all negativity and people from my life. Even my family. Interestingly, my family is now wanting back in... Hmmm. Cool because dad is 80 years old but I had to let him go as he was just too verbally abusive. Same with my brother. Both are back in and it's a new start. Take care of yourself and put yourself as a priority and then things just happen. It's a very good life and I truly feel blessed. I want all of you to experience this love thing. It's really quite the ride. Blessings to you all!

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Susan @godcares
Vernon, BC, Canada

I have a very great life of goofiness, laughter and love hiking and the lakes all around me, 2 goofy kids too. And my little dog. Kind of feel like I'm in a happy bubble now. Haha... I understand everyone's struggles. My heart goes out to you all

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