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I just got back from Virginia beach for vacation with my family and the people starring and moving over. I never completely wore just my swim suit because I didn't want to be avoided more than I was. I wore a throw over and caprice pants to the zoo.


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Michelle @michelle1021

Jinger, I'm so sorry. We have to make peace with the fact that people will stare. It makes us feel uncomfortable but as soon as we show them we are confident, their attitude will change. I think they get scared when they see us P sufferers as they don't know what it is. We have to make them aware of our condition. Should somebody stare at me, I stare back and raise my eyebrows with a smile, inviting them to say something. But they don't. It's not nice to have people staring at you the whole time, but we can make a difference by telling them what the condition is. I know, once they stare we jump right back into our shell and that is something we should not do. We cannot allow people to get us down. Apart from the stares, I hope you enjoyed your vacation and you had lots of fun? :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Jinger! It's really tough to break that mental barrier of what we feel about people judging us. I hope it didn't hamper your holiday too much! I've spent many years covering up and feeling like I look different, but now I see don't so much see that difference as being bad... Maybe one day you can pick a small patch to show bare, and then maybe another day another extra patch, until you are more used to it and feel less self conscious! It's starting that is the hardest part....

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Jinger, it can be quite hard in moments for sure. I cover my skin when I have a bad flare up going on. Right now my arms are clear but patchy with pink discoloration. I get stares and do the same as Michelle, look them in the eye sometimes I smile, others I just stare back.. I think it usually makes the person aware of what they are doing and become embarrassed. Its great you found us here, stay connected with us, hope it can help build your confidence like it has for me and many others here too :) Welcome to Flaym!

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