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Does anyone feel like their a leopard in public and even with the in-laws


Theme Confidence and Psoriasis

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Michelle @michelle1021

No not really Jinger. I feel good and my P is not severe. Don't look at yourself in that way. Try to see yourself for the person you are. You will be amazed how people actually see the real you. We should not always think that non P people are cruel and judgmental as there are thousands of them out there who do understand and do support us. Don't let your skin bother YOU.

Sarah @sarahuk

Sometimes! Yes. A leopard never changes its spots... but more and more I can accept it. I think Flaym gives me a boost to know I'm not alone!

Jinger @jinger
Tompkinsville, KY, USA

34 mother of 2. Engaged to a wonderful man. And should be living the all American dream

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