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Saw a lady at the pool today with psoriasis, and wanted to shout "hey psister!!! let's talk about psoriasis!". I didn't talk to her, but felt a subtle presence of psisterhood the whole time we were in the pool. Psoriasisters (and brothers) unite 👊


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James @ferns

Oh fine, you all get a cool name and we get boring old brother. Now I'm psissed off :)

Linda @justicejones

Yes in supporting each other we make more bareable, when we see someone go out there regardless it gives us courage to do more.

Clint @NJClint

After the pool exfoliates you got a date with a lemon 🍋 this is a psoriasis tag team...

Ace @chris1623

You guys go in the pool. Is it chlorine or salt water pool?

Mishlyn @mishlyn

You should one of these days Sarah, if you see her again! I bet you both felt a little more comfortable having each other there :)

Lou @lou60

I know my P reacts well with the chlorine. I know the docs have said it should make it worse but mine is much better in the Sun.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Mine reacts good with chlorine too, I've never been to a salt pool before

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Haha,thats funny Sarah,p sister , its good that people dont mind showing their flakes,i dont mind if its spots but patches i couldnt,hat off to you and others that can do that, you know i had a bad experience in childhood from a teacher when i was 10 years old,that sticks with me like psoriasis and i cant shake it off :)

anthony @anthony10

we have a salt pool in our complex when i have the time to get in it does seem to ease my elbows and removes the dry skin but few days later its all the same again..

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes I should talk to her next time! I think she might be there again next week, she was with her daughter and grandchild. Yes Ace, this is a chlorine pool I go to. I would so much prefer it to be a salt pool! I am going to Italy in a few weeks and there is a sulfur spring there which is meant to be amazing for skin conditions. Will have to get up there for a soak!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Have a great time in Italy when you go Sarah :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

This pic is my Italian chopper moped from 1973 ,i finished /restored it years ago in 2003, same year my arthritis started,it took 5 years to get parts and make them also from scrap but sadly had to sell it in 2011, it was sad day but couldnt keep it as i move around too much and storage would be pricey :)

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