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Hey guys had last treatment of UVB today and with that and med for p my skin is better than it been in over 3 years Must say the NHS staff at Ninewells in Dundee are amazing group of nursing staff God know where I would be they gave me my life back


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

So so Happy for you Gill!😃

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Gill! Great to hear that your skin is looking it's best in a long time! Good medical professionals make such a difference to our experience with psoriasis treatment. So happy for you that you got a good team behind you. What's next for you and your psoriasis then Gill?

Gill @gill4

Finally going out to a wedding next Saturday wearing a dress first time in years

Gill @gill4
Dundee, UK

I'm a disable female who lost half a leg and two toes to p and diabetic two years ago

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