...feeling sad Fahd @fahd1

Coping, friends & family

Sorry guys i didn't have the courage to go out on my own
Disappointed 🙁


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Chel @chel

It take one step at a time. It was hard for me the first me too. But mine is on my hands and foot too.

Michelle @michelle1021

Dont be disappointed Fahd. Take it one step at a time :) you will get there. Stay positive :)

Peter @peter5300

Bud all in good time and in your time, when your clock says it's time it will be you touk the fist step, and that deciding to try

Brenda/joy @viking1967

Life is too short don't let it rule your life there are people with worst then what we have remember that someone is always worse off I know it's hard you have a shoulder here I have struggled ALL my life I am 68 my husband has cancer we have been married 51 years and I am learning how much his love is worth to me. So hang in there and start enjoying life

Michelle @mishlyn

Thats okay Fahd, you can try again another day when you are feeling better. Try not to beat yourself up about it, you will get there!

Sarah @sarahuk

Next time Fahd!

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Fahd @fahd1
Dublin, Ireland

Emotional battle

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