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Has anyone tried and had any luck using essential oils for psoriasis?


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Paige! I use what I think is considered a plain "carrier" oil - grapeseed. I use it on my scalp and it gives me massive relief from the tightness and itching I get! I have some lavender oil in the cupboard which I never use for fear it might irritate my skin. I'm sure it'd be fine but I steer clear for now just in case...

Dianna @diannad

Sarah, wonder if the lavender oil would work to lessen stress if put in an infuser? which then might help the P that way. I'm gonna try that tonight and see if it helps me to sleep better and what happens with the P tomorrow.

Michelle @mishlyn

Hey Paige, I have had good luck with tea tree and lavender essential oils. I mix it with almond oil which is very nice as well. I have heard that bergamot has been really good for p and skin, but I have yet to try it.

Good Luck tonight Dianna, I hope the lavender helps you get a good night sleep!

Paige @barracrab
South West Rocks, New South Wales, Australia

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