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Hiya. My 9yo has awful flare ups every 6 months or so. Right now, not a thing apart from a tiny scab on his head. Obvious question, and a million dollar one too, but what is it that makes this flare up ? I reduced his sugar and junk food ?


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Ruben @ruben

Sugar is my biggest trigger, junk food is packed with sugar. So I guess this is the same thing...

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Matt, great to hear that your son is not struggling at the moment.. but can indeed be a hard cycle. Food is definitely a culprit for many of us. For me my biggest trigger foods are gluten, dairy, red meat, sugar and nighshades. Could season changes also play factor? Does he seem to get better or worse in the winter and summer months? Welcome to Flaym Matt, great to have you here supporting your son!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome Matt! Great to see you here supporting family living with psoriasis. I've spent the last year trying to analyse my triggers for psoriasis. And they are... 1) Stress 2) Hormones 3) Onset of illness 4) Diet. That has been a good piece of learning in itself! Then, I am trying to address each one. I started trying to create more balance in my life (fail daily but I do try). I changed contraception. And then for illness and diet together I've been targeting my immune system, trying to strengthen it. Including many more anti-inflammatory elements to my diet, and cutting out inflammatory foods. It has helped massively, though I am not quite yet clear my skin is so so so much better. A little bit left to go!

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