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P recently started to appear round mouth and eyes. Tried loads cream, even herbal and acupuncture nothing working. Any ideas on what I should do next? Has anyone found something that works, especially around the eyes? Thanks.


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Chris @Chris70

I used either Vaseline or child's farm moisturiser on a cotton bud , had it on my eye lids particularly painful

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Heather, Welcome to Flaym! It can be so frustrating trying so many things and not getting any results. Have you tried aloe vera? It is quite soothing, especially on sensitive spots. Dietary changes, supplements and Lemon are the best things I have done for my skin. Have you ever tried dietary changes?

Heather @hezza

Hi Michelle, the only dietary changes I’ve done is to stop drinking alcohol, I don’t eat any spicy food and I hardly eat any chocolate now, and I’ve upped my fruit and veg intake. Can you recommend anything else? Thanks
P.S I’ll give aloe vera a try too as I think that’s only thing I haven’t tried.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome Heather! On the face I only use Aveeno products now. I only found them last year but for my skin by far the best I've used in 21 years for moisturising. I stopped using steroids a long time ago and find the Aveeno "Daily Moisturising Lotion" to be very gentle on the face, and soaks in to the skin well so I don't have a greasy feeling face the whole day!

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