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Yarrrrrgh! An indoor exercise bike injury! A pedal sliced through my leggings and through my skin. Do you think the area where the welt is will turn into psoriasis? I hope not, it is about 15cm long 😣


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Rita @rita

Sorry to hear that Sarah. Sometimes injured skin turns into P skin later but not always. Hope it heals well.

Bev @bev43

Oh shame Sarah that sounds very painful. I do hope that it will heal quickly and that you not get P on it 🤗

rachel @wynnegee

Sounds nasty! Don't think it'll turn to P, you're in a good place with your skin, it should heal well x

Chris @Chris70

Shouldn't I had a lurcher jump up at me for attention the other day scratches and broke the skin but hasn't caused a flare up

Madmum007 @madmum007

Sarah Don't panic, Cold water with a handful of salt (any sort of salt!) get a clean flannel, get it wet, wring it out, place on sore leg. This never fails for me. cold water takes the blood away from the surface of the wound, the salt helps it to heal fast. Before you go to bed tonight, if you have any aloe plant/gel, then put some of that on it. Then the hard bit, forget about it!!! :)

Chris @Chris70

By the way Sarah what's an exercise bike 😁

Mavis @mavis

That sounds really nasty and painful Sarah. Hopefully it won't turn into psoriasis. Hoping It will heal quickly for you💗

carol @carolouch

Unfortunately it could. Every time I've got a scratch or broken the skin by an accident out comes p!!! Hope your the lucky one and it doesn't happen xx

Chrisb @chrisb

What's that....sofa cut you up in the lounge cycle lane ? X

Linda @justicejones

Sorry you had the injury. This P is so crazy who knows what triggers it or how to control it. Mine has started on one arm but my scalp feels so different and ai am concerned it will break out really bad there. I have a cortisone type cream I am using on my arm but can’t use that on my scalp.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Ohh no Sarah :( Yoouch! Did you require stitches? In my experience if I cut myself while my skin was in a bad state it would turn to p, but if were in good state, it would heal regularly. I hope you heal well and quickly! x

Michelle @michelle1021

Oh That is painful Sarah. I'm so sorry. I knew indoor sports were dangerous! lol.
Sarah, whenever I get a cut it doesn't turn into P anymore. It takes longer to heal but at least it heals fully with no P. Treat it like you normally would and keep an eye on it. Take you meds for inflammation, stay with your healthy diet and see how it goes. I hope it heals quickly. Good luck!

Ruben @ruben

Crossing all my fingers it heals nice and quick!

Sarah @sarahuk

Thanks everyone! Yes what a thing to happen! Haha Chris, those things called exercise bikes are dangerous I have come to find with this episode! I was adjusting the feet on the bottom of the bike and leaned too far back and my bum tucked under where the pedal crashed down on the bike next to me... yeowwwch! Gash ahoy. The skin there was clear before this, it is actually a patch of my body where I don't think I have ever had psoriasis (and I don't have many areas where I can say that!). Here's hoping... Thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me an idea of what to expect!

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